Maternity Boudoir

My beautiful client and her growing tummy. She wore this beautiful lace gown for her maternity shoot and I think it was so gorgeous and elegant featuring her belly. It complimented the backdrop well and it’s oh so girly!

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A Mom-To-Be

Hurray! We are expecting our very first baby girl this April and we are so excited to welcome her into our world!  That being said, I am currently on maternity time off until end of June 2013.  It’s been hard putting my photography work on hold for a few months, but don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it!  If you’re interested in doing a boudoir shoot with me, you can schedule something starting this July 2013.  There’s a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few months as I am trying to transition my home studio into a nursery, and move the studio to an outside location!  Stay tune for more exciting news.



San Francisco Boudoir Photographer | My Boudoir Bedroom

Hello all! I am excited to announce that I’ve finally finished decorating the boudoir bedroom.  It took me about a month to get everything together, and when it was available I immediately invited my clients to use the space for their boudoir shoots.  I hope to have some photos from their session up in a few weeks.  I’d describe the look as fresh, clean, airy, girly, simple, and a perfect space to do a shoot.  I love the fact that there is a huge window of natural light spilling into the room.  It really lends to my boudoir photography style.

Here are some photos of the bedroom.

boudoir bedroom

San Francisco Maternity Boudoir Photography

My vision when I decided to shoot boudoir is to help women celebrate their body and bring out their best features. It’s important to love ourselves for who we are so that we can love others as who they are.  This session celebrates a new stage in a woman’s body–pregnancy!  It’s an amazing thing to carry another life in our body and isn’t it beautiful?  I want to show case the beauty of a pregnant woman and I want to say thank you to Ada for letting me use these images.  For all the moms out there and mom-to-be, you’re amazing and brave for all that you have to go through for 9 months and more. xoxo.

pregnancy boudoir

Maternity black and white

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