What is Boudoir Photography?

Some say it’s the “in” thing, or it’s the “I need it now” thing, and others say it’s the “hot” thing.

In short, boudoir, in french, means private bedroom or dressing room. In photography, boudoir means sensual photos with partly clothed images or lingerie photos.  In the photography industry, boudoir photos are gaining momentum and it’s going to grow big in the next few years.

For me, I see boudoir photography as a new way to celebrate a new chapter in a modern-age woman’s life.  Let it be a gift to yourself, your future husband-to-be, or to your boy friend, because why shouldn’t every woman celebrate a moment in her life in her own skin.  The boudoir session with me is ultimately about YOU.  It’s about being comfortable in your own skin regardless of how self-conscious you are about your own body–aren’t we all? It’s about loving your body the way it is and letting go of the insecurities. I will coach you through the session with lots of verbal directions and cues on how to pose.  You might feel nervous at first, but after a few minutes you’re going to feel like a model!

My client has given me permission to use the following images in hopes to encourage other women to take the leap and say “yes” to a boudoir session with me.  Enjoy!

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